AID Penn State

AID Penn State is a chapter of the Association for India’s Development, USA. It is managed by student volunteers from Penn State University with immense support from the Indian community. 

The primary objective of this organization is to provide financial aid to various projects working towards a social cause in India. Be it promoting literacy in villages, shelter for the less privileged, women empowerment, post trauma rehabilitation, awareness campaigns or relief operations after the nature’s fury; there are many organizations and people in India who are working selflessly,  towards a better tomorrow for someone else! 

We raise funds for these high-impact operations through fun activities and events that are great social mixers and a platform for you to participate in a good cause! So, help us support our heroes back home! 

Current office bearers -

President: Akanksha Gupta
Vice-president: Nishit Goel
Secretary: Kriti Seth
  Karthik Srinivas
Treasurer: Mohit Tendulkar
Publicity coordinator: Samhitha Srinivas
Overall project coordinator: Vedant Sumaria
Web administrator: Mohit Tendulkar
Faculty adviser:  Neela Yennawar
  Latha Bhushan
  Nivedita Nagachar


We meet every Thursday at 111 Sackett at 6:00 pm. Please feel free to come join us and participate in our discussions. We would love to meet you!