Bollywood Night

This is an event aimed to promote exposure to Indian culture through music and dance performances, with a portion of the proceeds benefiting THON. It is an entirely volunteer run and organized event featuring performances by students and members of the local community.It is a biennial event usually held during the fall semester and the event held in September 2014 was themed as the ‘Flavors of Bollywood’ with four to five ensemble musical performances and around seven dance sequences, along with a fashion show or two, truly representing the color and energy of Bollywood. As an Indian living away from home, it is one of the rare occasions to dress up in Indian attire in State College.

Leading up to the event, volunteers are present in multiple locations on campus spreading awareness about the various developmental projects managed by AID as well as building familiarity with the musical sequences particularly famous to the Indian film industry. Audiences are reintroduced to a wide variety of classical Indian music and dance while supporting developmental work in India without burning a hole in their pocket.

In addition to being a great entertainer the event is a great opportunity for students to interact with members of the local Indian community. AID actively encourages people to participate in the event irrespective of their level of proficiency, often introducing people to new dance forms and hobbies. The event also features performances by children, serving as a platform to actively enable children of Indian origin to connect to their parents’ roots.

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