Football Concession Stand

During the fall semester Penn State football is usually in full swing with six to seven home games in the season. Beaver stadium is one of the few, where all the concession stands inside the stadium are staffed by organizations on campus that support non-profit activities, ranging from fraternities raising funds for THON to church groups supporting the local food bank.

AID is in charge of running one such stand where we usually raise around $4000 as commission helping us support one or two additional developmental projects in India. A stand usually consists of a manager, an assistant manager and a host of volunteers. Based on the number of volunteers a group is able to field, stands are assigned in order to maximize profitability. In other words, if a group has 20+ volunteers they would work at a large stand in a profitable location. The more a stand earns the greater the commission awarded to a group.

Football at Penn State is famous in itself - we have people from far away driving in to State College, tailgating, enjoying the game and then driving back. Watching a game is thus on the must-do lists of most visitors and students in the area. The next best thing is volunteering at a concession stand - help raise funds for a charity while watching parts of the game. This is especially true during games against big teams and planned white out games. 

We are actively looking for volunteers so please contact us if you would like to join us at one of the games.

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