Fall welcome picnic

Your first time away from home can be pretty scary, especially if it’s a whole new country! This is how most new students who come to State College feel during the first few days. New students arrive with a host of emotions - excitement, anxiety and eagerness with hopes, dreams, ambitions coupled with the beginning of a new chapter in their lives. It is during these first two weeks when AID organizes a welcome picnic for the new students.

Delicious home cooked food, mouth-watering cupcakes, fun games and the company of many fellow Indians on a warm sunny day at Sunset Park – it doesn’t get batter that! It is an excellent time to meet and get to know new people. The afternoon turns into the evening and before you know it people are so comfortable with each other that it did not seem as if it was the first time they had met each other.

Apart from the fun and food AID volunteers highlight all the different activities which the chapter is involved in, around the year, and how new students can be part of it. We try to build interest in the group while explaining the different developmental work we support in India.

It a great place to meet older students as well, to gain advice related to academics or something as simple as boiling water. We hope any new students out there join us for our next picnic in Fall 2016.

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